The Process of Achieving Success in 5 Steps

In addition to the nine key success factors which we explained in our last post, achieving success involves a process of going from where you are now to where you want to be, making good decisions along the way. This can be described in many ways, but we prefer this simple five-step process of achieving success, illustrated in the diagram above:

  1. VisionDefine what “success” means to you.
  • Create visions, dreams, values and goals
  1. AnalysisAnalyze your current capabilities and gaps
  • Know yourself, strengths and issues, resources
  1. PlanningPlan to close the gaps and strengthen your capabilities
  • Set goals and action plans
  • Make good decisions as you plan
  1. ExecutionExecute the plan and continuously improve
  • Take the necessary action promptly
  • Measure results and continuously improve
  • Master your self
  • Make more money and spend it wisely
  • Invest in good relationships
  • Be constantly learning
  • Outsmart the competition
  • Adapt to constant change
  1. ReviewReview your vision, goals and strengths
  • Revise your plan as needed based on changing circumstances
  • Reward yourself for your success so far, whether it is a nice dinner, an enjoyable trip, a secure retirement, or whatever you

Many books about success feature a linear series of steps to go through to achieve success. Some have a long list of principles to follow, somewhat in order but not always. Having given this matter a great deal of thought over the years, I came to understand that success is not linear! It is not a straight line, with a beginning and an end. Instead it is a continuous loop in three dimensions plus time. As you move forward through this process of achieving success, you begin evaluating your progress and revising your system and your “flight path” as often as needed. This creates the process path which looks like the diagram above.

The feedback loop in this diagram may be a surprise. You might have expected a linear path, from left to right. But feedback is vital to the success of your own personal success system because it allows continuous improvement, also known as learning. As you move forward on your flight path, and especially in the Execution stage, you start getting feedback from your thoughts and actions. Is this working? Could I be doing this better? Am I getting the results I want? Has the environment changed since I started? Have any of the other nine key success factors changed? If so, I need to revise my success system accordingly.

One of the main ways you learn besides reading content like this, or being taught by a teacher, is learning through trial and error. This is a nice way of saying that you try and fail, analyze what went wrong, then try something else. This allows for continuous improvement, so your life gets better and better. It’s all part of the process of achieving success.

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