‘How To Be Successful In Life’ Wins Literary Titan Book Award

Literary Titan Book Award Literary Titan has selected “How To Be Successful In Life” by Buck Lawrimore for its Literary Titan Book Award.

Literary Titan Editor-in-Chief Thomas Anderson said, in announcing the award, “Your book was recently reviewed through our Book Review Service, and with that service, your book is entered into our Literary Book Award competition. Your book deserves extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and writing talent.”

The Literary Titan book reviewer had this to say:

“Author E. W. Buck Lawrimore’s How to Be Successful in Life presents a precise formula for success in 19 short sections. These sections individually focus on the importance of developing and identifying your strengths and personality, believing in the power of the mind, reprogramming the subconscious mind, following a simple D model for decision-making, and taking better care of your body. The following sections discuss emotional management and the importance of seeking help, meditating, connecting with a higher power, improving communication, getting better financing, and building careers that can be fulfilling. Finally, the last few sections shed light on business success, focusing mainly on building business strategy, building a solid team, providing value, and discussing the 4 Ps of marketing.

“This informative book is a must-have handbook written by an author with practical knowledge about how things work for personal and business success. I found helpful advice on my mental potential and focusing on physical and psychological stability. I love every aspect of this book, and it is hard to highlight my favorite sections. The simple D method of decision-making, connecting with God, and rediscovering that our mind has infinite power and how it directly influences our journey was exciting. This is one of my key takeaways from this book. The central theme of this book is controlling your thoughts and thus changing your destiny because whatever we think becomes our reality, be it negativity or positivity.

“How To Be Successful In Life: Discover and Use Your Unique Success Power For Maximum Results is a powerful self-help and motivational book that will benefit teenagers, people starting businesses, or those looking for a successful life. With practical information, real-world examples, and some well-placed spiritual guidance, readers will be a better version of themselves after following the steps outlined by Buck Lawrimore. This thought-provoking book was a worthy read; it helped me make clear plans and inspired me.”

“How To Be Successful in Life: Understand and Use Your Unique Success Power for Maximum Results” is available on amazon.com in all formats using this link. It has received all 5-star reviews so far.

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