Buck Lawrimore is the author of several books, most available on, including:

How To Be Successful In Life: Discover and Use Your Unique Success PowerHow To Be Successful In Life for Maximum Results, based on Lawrimore’s 40-plus years experience as a personal and business success coach for hundreds of organizations and individuals. Explains the 9 key success factors of life, an in-depth Process of Achieving Success, and the highly personalized Unique Success Power System.



The 5 Key Success Factors: A Powerful System for Total Business Success, based on our 20-year-study of the success secrets of market-leading companies, including the insights of hundreds of studies, books and authors, plus our own real-world experience working with a wide range of business, government and nonprofit organizations for over three decades.


Dynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process for Real-World Results, purchased by many readers worldwide from the Strategic Planning Processes website. Through this book, you will learn about the new approach to strategic planning which avoids 20th Century illusions and drives highly effective 21st Century strategic planning. Dynamic Strategic Planning will enable you and your organization to maximize the human energy and power engaged for strategic planning and implementation for optimal results.


The 5 Keys To Unlimited Success And Happiness: A Practical, How-To Guide For Your Life. How to control your own happiness and achieve greater success in your life, based on a number of the most proven self-control and self-help techniques ever developed. The ultimate self-help book, simple, short and easy to read – it can literally change your life for the better!


How To Understand Ultimate Reality: Order, Energy And God. A new view of ultimate reality based on the reality of order as a parallel to the reality of energy. Together they provide a new path to understanding the reality of God and how He acts in the world, as well as many other dimensions of human life.

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