Life Coaching And Business Consulting

Charlotte life coach and business consultant Buck Lawrimore works with individuals and organizations to develop better self-understanding, direction and organization, goal setting and achievement, capacity development, and overall success.

Life coaching involves helping each person develop to their full potential, gain a better understanding of their strengths and career possibilities, set achievable goals and continue moving forward. Following an introductory session, options are developed to suit your budget and give you the opportunity to engage in  a sufficient number of sessions to make real progress and developing a lasting new direction. Or sometimes you may just want to talk with someone who is a skilled, neutral professional about challenges you are facing to get some objective insight into how you might overcome those challenges.

Business consulting involves helping business executives or whole companies get clear on who they are and where they want to go, competitive advantages and strategies, and how they can better serve customers. Business consulting is more directive than life coaching and may involve pushing the leaders or group to overcome difficult problems and move up to the next level. Strategic planning, systems analysis and development, market research, organizational design, operations manuals and practices are just some of the services provided.

Learn more about our capabilities on the About page, then give us a call at 704-332-4344 or use our online contact form so we can begin a dialog via email, phone or personal meeting. You’ll find our professional, laid-back approach is very adaptive to your needs and priorities, making it more comfortable for you to deal with difficult subjects as needed.