Buck Lawrimore
Buck Lawrimore

Buck Lawrimore has been president of Lawrimore Inc., a Charlotte NC business and personal consulting firm since 1979. His personal and company’s unique, holistic approach helps business, government and nonprofit organizations as well as single individuals:

  • Increase their sales and income
  • Improve their focus and overcome challenges
  • Develop and evolve as individuals and organizations
  • Achieve other forms of success important to them.

Buck is a native of Charleston, S.C. and a graduate of Davidson College with a major in psychology. He began writing for daily newspapers at age 16, worked for the Charlotte Observer as a reporter and editor after Davidson, then returned to the college to serve as Director of the News Bureau. He won national awards for his public relations work for Davidson, founded WDAV classical public radio, and taught photography as art.

He founded Lawrimore Inc. in 1979 with his wife and partner Elizabeth, an award-winning designer and creative professional.

In addition to his degree in psychology, Buck and his team have served a number of psychotherapist clients, read widely on psychology and the workings of the mind (conscious and unconscious), and become proficient in administering and interpreting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for individuals and groups. He is comfortable working with clients in either a secular or faith-based context.

Buck is interested in a wide range of subjects including how to be successful in life and business, systems theory and applications, philosophy, psychology, Christian faith, communications, marketing and more. Contact him through our online contact form here.

Follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/bucklawrimore

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